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Easy DIY ideas for Christmas

Today we will get some inspiration and easy DIY ideas for christmas from the French stylist and photographer Arminka who runs the instagram account @petitsouriredesign and the blog Petitsourire. So here we go!

Christmas time is about family, cozy moments, crafting, rituals and traditions.

I would like to tell you about a nice scandinavian tradition, “The FAIRY door” and the story behind. Additionally I will show you some easy DIY ideas for Christmas.

Do you know Nisse coming from a very beautiful scandinavian tradition?

Nisse or tomte is a mythological little creature and is very known in Nordic Folklore. They normally appear in the Christmas season in our homes. But what they need to come in is a magical door! This door is also called Elf door.

It is a lovely tradition to craft a little door and stairs and to decorate (with everything you have crafted) a corner of your house. Nisse will come, alone or with his family and will help you in the Christmas season, sometimes he will bring you little gifts or maybe do some funny things like hiding your clothes, putting too much sugar in your tea or something else.

You can imagine so many stories you can tell to your children.

Enjoy this little DIY full of magic and imagination! You find all the the do it your owns on my blog. Just click on the title above the pictures to get to each DIY.

The magical elf door

Pine cone garland

Minimalistic Advent Wreath

DIY Christmas Stockings