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Eclectic mix of Boho, Scandinavian and Vintage with Theresa Gromski

We have talked to Theresa Gromski, an illustrator and content creator from Birmingham in the UK. Theresa is a mum to two kids and have been a freelance illustrator for 20 years specialized in fashion and lifestyle illustration. Her home really tells a story and she have a really unique and amazing interior style and has won awards for her garden.

Get inspired by our interview with Theresa and check out her instagram account for more inspo!

How would you describe your interior style?
– I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of Boho, Scandi, vintage with some global decor elements, I like to pick up accessories for my home from when I travel, so I have lots of pieces from Morocco, India and Indonesia.


You have a very unique home, how do you find inspiration?
– I find inspiration from all over! Pinterest, Instagram of course! And from visiting places when I travel, hotels, restaurants and cafes can be great sources of inspiration.


There is a lot of vintage furniture at your home, how do you know that the furniture you buy will fit with the rest of the interior?
– I tend to buy vintage furniture from a particular period, turn of the century through to the 1930‘s rather than later mid century pieces, they all tend to go together. I think if you choose pieces you love they will naturally look good together and vintage pieces look great when mixed with modern furniture too.


Do you have any tricks on how to make a room more cozy now during the autumn month in a easy and cheap way?
– I think my home is always cosy through out the year I love a bit of ‘hygge’ But I just light more candles and add extra throws and blankets in the colder months and we light the fire every weekend too!


What will be the biggest trends next year?
– I think the use of natural materials and bringing the outside in, adding natural textures and greenery into our homes will still be a huge trend. And increasingly the desire to find more sustainable materials in our home decor. Objects and furniture that are made using recycled products will be increasingly popular.



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