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Create the right atmosphere in your home! Our Ovo Mini Speaker fits into every home and will definitely give you that little extra every day.

In these pictures, the influencer @annelii01 (instagram) placed her Mooni product in the living room which is a good place to be able to use the product in different ways, for example:
– Listen to the radio, music or podcasts when you want to hear the sound in the main part of the house or apartment.
– Cozy backlight while watching TV or having a dinner.
– For occasions when you invite some friends over and having a great time! We can recommend one of our 4 light positions for an extra party atmosphere.

Since all our Mooni products have 9 different colors and 4 different light modes, there is always a color that fits into your home. By using different colors on the light, you can turn your room into a whole new place every day!

Tip: Use Mooni’s wirefree charging plate to easily load the product exactly where it stands.
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Mooni – Making Life’s Moments Brighter

Welcome to Mooni’s blog!

Life is about all these special moments that we create together with all these people we love to spend time with.

Mooni want to help you to create memories for life, therefore our products combines illumination and sound to allow you to transform an ordinary space into an experience.

Follow this #MooniMoment blog where we will share:
– Interior inspiration
– Information about our products and guidelines on how to use them outdoors and indoors.
– News, retailers, fairs we exhibit and much more!

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