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Easy DIY ideas for Christmas

Today we will get some inspiration and easy DIY ideas for christmas from the French stylist and photographer Arminka who runs the instagram account @petitsouriredesign and the blog Petitsourire. So here we go!

Christmas time is about family, cozy moments, crafting, rituals and traditions.

I would like to tell you about a nice scandinavian tradition, “The FAIRY door” and the story behind. Additionally I will show you some easy DIY ideas for Christmas.

Do you know Nisse coming from a very beautiful scandinavian tradition?

Nisse or tomte is a mythological little creature and is very known in Nordic Folklore. They normally appear in the Christmas season in our homes. But what they need to come in is a magical door! This door is also called Elf door.

It is a lovely tradition to craft a little door and stairs and to decorate (with everything you have crafted) a corner of your house. Nisse will come, alone or with his family and will help you in the Christmas season, sometimes he will bring you little gifts or maybe do some funny things like hiding your clothes, putting too much sugar in your tea or something else.

You can imagine so many stories you can tell to your children.

Enjoy this little DIY full of magic and imagination! You find all the the do it your owns on my blog. Just click on the title above the pictures to get to each DIY.

The magical elf door

Pine cone garland

Minimalistic Advent Wreath

DIY Christmas Stockings


Table setting for fine dining at home | Quick and Simple advice

We have talked to Zandra who runs the instagram account @inspirationbyzandra to give you some inspiration when it comes to tablesettings. You will learn everything you need to know in order to make a good table setting suitable for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Hi Zandra! Tell us a little more about yourself and your interest in décor and interior?
– I’ve always had an interest in decorating just that I may not have understood it myself. Already as a kid I wanted to re-furnish, repaint, have cleaned and nicely around me, etc. Today, I work as an air-hostess but I study interior in my spare time. I am almost 31 years old and live with my partner in Stockholm. What I love about decor is that it is so individual and there is no right or wrong in what you like, it makes everyone’s home so unique.

You have a lot of followers in social media and inspire people with your lovely photos, where do you get your inspiration from?
– I get my inspiration from other people on instagram that I follow, then of course interior design magazine, TV-shows, friends interior and a lot more. I get a lot of inspiration from hotels too, as I travel a lot. I really love nice hotels! Steam hotel in Västerås in Sweden is probably the nicest hotel I know right now.

You often post pictures of tablesettings, how do you think when it comes to lay the table before a party or finer dinner?
– For me there is no less is more, there is: more is more. I think you should lay the table so that you are satisfied yourself and think it looks nice. I like to have a red thread in my tablecloths. For example, matching flowers with candles, napkins, cloth etc. That you feel that colors go back together and form a nice whole. Then I think linen or cloth napkins are my best tip. It feels luxurious and make the table setting more alive. Since lit candles of course, always have lit candles.

Which five things are the most important during table setting?
1. Plates you like, fine porcelain makes the food more appetizing
2. Fine napkins (preferably cloth napkins)
3. A nice bouquet of flowers on the table
4. Light candles for a cozier and warmer feeling
5. Either fine tabletops or a finer tablecloth on a dull table

How would you like to prepare for a Christmas dinner and New Year’s dinner?
– For Christmas I want to take in nature such as spruce, juniper or lingonberry. Then dark green or red napkins together with some nice napkin knot and maybe cones for decoration. It should feel Christmas but not flashy, more natural.

For the New Year, it will appear with glitter, of course! Discobolls mugs, black table clothing, lit candles, party hats on the plates, and small confetti bombs as decoration on the table. Nothing should be saved here. Another fun detail is helium balloons that you attach to each chair at different heights, it becomes a very festive atmosphere.

Follow Zandra in Social media: @inspirationbyzandra

5 interior tips – How to create a unique home

“I offer everything from glitter and glamor to motherhood and reality.” – Anna.

This week we get some interior tips from Anna Matkovich who runs the blog annamatkovich.se and instagram account @annamatkovich. On her channels, you find everything from decor tips and before and after pictures to fashion and beauty.


  1. Don’t follow the trends to much, create your own style and don’t be afraid to mix different types of products, colors and materials. When you look at instagram sometimes it feels like many accounts run the same style, collaborate with the same companies and own the same products, I run my own style and buy the ones I love myself. You can do the same!
  2. If you want some unique interior details, I can suggest checking out vintage and second hand stores. You can often make awesome bargains and both save money and be nice to the environment. I recently got the interest for vintage decor as it’s usually where you can find the unique details that no one else has.
  3. Decorate with details in silver, copper or brass! Decide for yourself how you want to mix these. I mix both silver and copper, It’s also really nice to match silver and brass. Test and see what works in your home.
  4. If you need inspiration for your home you can always be inspired by social media, google different decor words or look at pictures on Pinterest. This way you will find a little bit of each and can take the details from different pictures and create your own style with it.
  5. Last but not least – Don’t buy to just buy, think carefully about whether you really need it or want it. I don’t like having too many different details. Less is always more.

Hope you enjoyed it! Best wishes, Anna.

Some inspiration photos from Annas home:

Eclectic mix of Boho, Scandinavian and Vintage with Theresa Gromski

We have talked to Theresa Gromski, an illustrator and content creator from Birmingham in the UK. Theresa is a mum to two kids and have been a freelance illustrator for 20 years specialized in fashion and lifestyle illustration. Her home really tells a story and she have a really unique and amazing interior style and has won awards for her garden.

Get inspired by our interview with Theresa and check out her instagram account for more inspo!

How would you describe your interior style?
– I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of Boho, Scandi, vintage with some global decor elements, I like to pick up accessories for my home from when I travel, so I have lots of pieces from Morocco, India and Indonesia.


You have a very unique home, how do you find inspiration?
– I find inspiration from all over! Pinterest, Instagram of course! And from visiting places when I travel, hotels, restaurants and cafes can be great sources of inspiration.


There is a lot of vintage furniture at your home, how do you know that the furniture you buy will fit with the rest of the interior?
– I tend to buy vintage furniture from a particular period, turn of the century through to the 1930‘s rather than later mid century pieces, they all tend to go together. I think if you choose pieces you love they will naturally look good together and vintage pieces look great when mixed with modern furniture too.


Do you have any tricks on how to make a room more cozy now during the autumn month in a easy and cheap way?
– I think my home is always cosy through out the year I love a bit of ‘hygge’ But I just light more candles and add extra throws and blankets in the colder months and we light the fire every weekend too!


What will be the biggest trends next year?
– I think the use of natural materials and bringing the outside in, adding natural textures and greenery into our homes will still be a huge trend. And increasingly the desire to find more sustainable materials in our home decor. Objects and furniture that are made using recycled products will be increasingly popular.



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Lighting at home | Tips from an interior designer and stylist


Lighting at home | Tips from an interior designer and stylist

Lighting at home | Tips from an interior designer and stylist

Today we get tips from the interior designer and stylist Åsa Gramén, who runs her company KYD (Killingyourdarlings) where she do various projects, from styling homes, stores and public environments to lecturing in interior design.

The autumn is here and it’s extra important to light up our home. With the right lighting, the coming dark months just feel cozy and we can, with good conscience, stay in our homes. But how should you decorate your home with light? Here are some tips you can start with.

As an educated and active interior designer and stylist, I always give my clients the knowledge of how important it is to light their home in the best possible way! For us here in Sweden, it is precisely the darkness in the coming winter months that we must live with. Then, thanks to light sources inside, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes us feel better, because precisely the light increases our well-being! There are so many nice lamps in different styles on the market so look into its range and turn the darkness into something positive. Always start with the function / lighting before choosing which design the lamp should have and not the other way around.

The right light not only helps us to become more vibrant, it can also change the experience of the whole room and its interior. It is about planning the lighting and making it part of the room and the interior.

My tip is to start with three different lighting settings;


General lighting is the lighting that spreads the light to give the room as even and good lighting as possible, examples are ceiling lights, ceilings and uplights. Many also call this lighting a “clean light”. For example, when we are cleaning or doing a chore, good general lighting is important. It can also be floor / wall lamps that send the light up to the white ceiling and from there spread the light to the room. Such lamps are called uplights or upright luminaires. Other lamp systems, such as rails and wire systems, can also contribute to the general lighting in the room.

It is important to take advantage of the daylight, strengthen and extend it as much as we can. When planning one’s lighting, one assumes the natural light and how we can best replace it with artificial light.

FUNCTION LIGHT / spotlighting

Functional lighting is also called spot lighting, working lighting or directional lighting and directs the light to a specific surface. Examples of such lighting are work lamps, reading lamps and spotlights. The main thing is that the lighting feels comfortable and that its function gets the right lumen (Light flow) so you do not strain your eyes. Directional lighting is recommended as working lighting, where you can angle the lamp where you want the light. Or you hang a ceiling light directly over the desk which then spreads a good light downwards where the eyes should look. Also spot lighting on ex paintings creates a nice functional light installation.

Mood light / Soft, indoor lighting

The mood light is most important for creating a cozy well-being as it softens the contrasts formed by reading lamps and spotlights. One tip is to have flexible light with the help of dimmers, appliances used to vary the brightness of lamps.

The larger the room, the more light sources are needed. For a normally large living room, lighting experts recommend six to eight lamps.

I hope you got some more knowledge about lighting and that you will decorate the autumn with nice light sources that heat your homes!

With Sun and Happiness to / Åsa Gramén, KYD.

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Mooni @ MAISON ET OBJET | Photos

Mooni @ MAISON ET OBJET | Photos

Mooni exhibited at Maison & Objet in Paris in the “Smart gifts” hall. Maison&Objet is one of the major event for decoration, design, furniture, accessories, fragrance, textiles, tableware and much more. We will show you some photos from our booth!

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Maison&Objet Paris


Mooni Eye Speaker


Mooni booth


Mooni Eye Speaker was one of the handpicked products of the WHAT’S NEW “Living” space by François Bernardin on the occasion of the September 2019 edition of MAISON&OBJET in Paris.

/ Mooni team

Swedish crayfish party offer!

Join our Swedish crayfish party! With the code ” crayfishparty ” you get 20% off ALL products in our webshop. Just enter the code when you checkout. Valid through 31st of August.

Have you ever been to a Swedish crayfish party? In Sweden, we gather with friends and family in the month of August in cozy outdoor environments in the countryside or in the archipelago for crayfish parties. The Swedish word for crayfish party is Kräftskiva. At a Kräftskiva, you can expect to eat a lot of crayfish and sing traditional Swedish drinking songs “snapsvisor” before taking shots of snaps. Guests wear paper crayfish hats and decorate the event with paper tablecloths and paper lanterns. We bring our Mooni speakers to the party to bring some extra fun energy and music to enhance the atmosphere.

Here are the typical foods and drink that are served at a Swedish crayfish party:
– Crayfish – boiled in saltwater and then seasoned with fresh dill. It should be served cold and eaten with your hands.
– Västerbotten cheese
– Bread
– Salads and buffet-style food
– Ice cold beer
– Akvavit snaps

Come and join our Swedish crayfish party! With the code ” crayfishparty ” you get 20% off on all products in our webshop until 31st of August. Just enter the code in the checkout.

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Mooni pop up store @ Engelhorn the box, Mannheim

German customers! Now you can buy our products in our pop up shop in Engelhorn the box, Mannheim. Engelhorn is one of Germany’s finest shopping addresses since 1890. Here you find fashion, accessories, shoes, sports items and sports fashion for every taste of 38,000 square meters.

Mooni pop up store @ Engelhorn the box, Mannheim.