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Mooni is mentioned in Aspire Design and Home Magazine

Mooni is mentioned in Aspire Design and Home Magazine based in New York, US. The product they mention in the article is our Ovo Mini Speaker Lantern that they choose as one of five lighting options to brighten up your space. They choose Mooni because they loved that our products are splash-proff and both for indoor and outdoor use.

Aspire Design and Home is an internationel narrative and resource for all people that are seeking for inspiration. The Magazine have around 900 000 readers per issue spread on their website and in their printed magazine.

You find the article on their website:

Swedish Midsummer deal!

Swedish midsummer is one of the most popular holidays in Sweden. Most people want to celebrate the Midsummer eve in the countryside together with friends and family.

Midsummer eve is always a Friday between the 19th and 25th of June. During the morning a lot of people get together and pick flowers for the maypole, which is the most important part of the celebrations.

The maypole is dressed in flowers and raises in an open spot in various places in Sweden. During the evening it’s time for the traditional ring-dance along with live music, friends and family.

Make sure to get your Mooni products ready for the summer!

We have a Swedish Midsummer deal for you!

Buy a product in our webshop and get a wirefree charging plate for free. The charging plate makes it possible to charge wirelessy through any metalfree surface up to 5 cm. Place the plate under a table or on a shelf to get rid of all visible cords while charging your Mooni products. The offer is valid until 27/6.

Happy shopping!

Bring your sound and light outdoors  

Bring your sound and light outdoors

Outdoor season is here and it’s time to start fixing in the garden and picking up the outdoor furniture for all the festivities of the summer.

It is important to create a lovely atmosphere in a garden and therefore Mooni’s products fit just as well in an outdoor environment as indoors. They are also splash proof so you can bring it to the pool, to the beach or just out on the terrace.

Mooni is not only an interior detail, all combined lamps and speakers are also very practical. You can create a unique moment by choosing which music you want to listen to and which color you want on the lighting. Once you have chosen, you can take the opportunity to just relax during dinner or in the sun chair and enjoy your company.

We are tired of cords! Therefore, we have a patented wirefree charging plate that can be purchased for our products. Attach it under a table, for example, and place your Mooni on top of the table to charge it. The plate works both outdoors and indoors.

Get inspiration from those who already have a Mooni outdoors and then you can check out all our products to see which one would suit you best.



Create the right atmosphere in your home! Our Ovo Mini Speaker fits into every home and will definitely give you that little extra every day.

In these pictures, the influencer @annelii01 (instagram) placed her Mooni product in the living room which is a good place to be able to use the product in different ways, for example:
– Listen to the radio, music or podcasts when you want to hear the sound in the main part of the house or apartment.
– Cozy backlight while watching TV or having a dinner.
– For occasions when you invite some friends over and having a great time! We can recommend one of our 4 light positions for an extra party atmosphere.

Since all our Mooni products have 9 different colors and 4 different light modes, there is always a color that fits into your home. By using different colors on the light, you can turn your room into a whole new place every day!

Tip: Use Mooni’s wirefree charging plate to easily load the product exactly where it stands.
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Mooni – Making Life’s Moments Brighter

Welcome to Mooni’s blog!

Life is about all these special moments that we create together with all these people we love to spend time with.

Mooni want to help you to create memories for life, therefore our products combines illumination and sound to allow you to transform an ordinary space into an experience.

Follow this #MooniMoment blog where we will share:
– Interior inspiration
– Information about our products and guidelines on how to use them outdoors and indoors.
– News, retailers, fairs we exhibit and much more!

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