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Swedish crayfish party offer!

Join our Swedish crayfish party! With the code ” crayfishparty ” you get 20% off ALL products in our webshop. Just enter the code when you checkout. Valid through 31st of August.

Have you ever been to a Swedish crayfish party? In Sweden, we gather with friends and family in the month of August in cozy outdoor environments in the countryside or in the archipelago for crayfish parties. The Swedish word for crayfish party is Kräftskiva. At a Kräftskiva, you can expect to eat a lot of crayfish and sing traditional Swedish drinking songs “snapsvisor” before taking shots of snaps. Guests wear paper crayfish hats and decorate the event with paper tablecloths and paper lanterns. We bring our Mooni speakers to the party to bring some extra fun energy and music to enhance the atmosphere.

Here are the typical foods and drink that are served at a Swedish crayfish party:
– Crayfish – boiled in saltwater and then seasoned with fresh dill. It should be served cold and eaten with your hands.
– Västerbotten cheese
– Bread
– Salads and buffet-style food
– Ice cold beer
– Akvavit snaps

Come and join our Swedish crayfish party! With the code ” crayfishparty ” you get 20% off on all products in our webshop until 31st of August. Just enter the code in the checkout.

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