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Table setting for fine dining at home | Quick and Simple advice

We have talked to Zandra who runs the instagram account @inspirationbyzandra to give you some inspiration when it comes to tablesettings. You will learn everything you need to know in order to make a good table setting suitable for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Hi Zandra! Tell us a little more about yourself and your interest in décor and interior?
– I’ve always had an interest in decorating just that I may not have understood it myself. Already as a kid I wanted to re-furnish, repaint, have cleaned and nicely around me, etc. Today, I work as an air-hostess but I study interior in my spare time. I am almost 31 years old and live with my partner in Stockholm. What I love about decor is that it is so individual and there is no right or wrong in what you like, it makes everyone’s home so unique.

You have a lot of followers in social media and inspire people with your lovely photos, where do you get your inspiration from?
– I get my inspiration from other people on instagram that I follow, then of course interior design magazine, TV-shows, friends interior and a lot more. I get a lot of inspiration from hotels too, as I travel a lot. I really love nice hotels! Steam hotel in Västerås in Sweden is probably the nicest hotel I know right now.

You often post pictures of tablesettings, how do you think when it comes to lay the table before a party or finer dinner?
– For me there is no less is more, there is: more is more. I think you should lay the table so that you are satisfied yourself and think it looks nice. I like to have a red thread in my tablecloths. For example, matching flowers with candles, napkins, cloth etc. That you feel that colors go back together and form a nice whole. Then I think linen or cloth napkins are my best tip. It feels luxurious and make the table setting more alive. Since lit candles of course, always have lit candles.

Which five things are the most important during table setting?
1. Plates you like, fine porcelain makes the food more appetizing
2. Fine napkins (preferably cloth napkins)
3. A nice bouquet of flowers on the table
4. Light candles for a cozier and warmer feeling
5. Either fine tabletops or a finer tablecloth on a dull table

How would you like to prepare for a Christmas dinner and New Year’s dinner?
– For Christmas I want to take in nature such as spruce, juniper or lingonberry. Then dark green or red napkins together with some nice napkin knot and maybe cones for decoration. It should feel Christmas but not flashy, more natural.

For the New Year, it will appear with glitter, of course! Discobolls mugs, black table clothing, lit candles, party hats on the plates, and small confetti bombs as decoration on the table. Nothing should be saved here. Another fun detail is helium balloons that you attach to each chair at different heights, it becomes a very festive atmosphere.

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