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This is how we are affected by light

This is how we are affected by light

Sound and light are close to our hearts. It’s two important details when it comes to the home and therefore, we have chosen to combine these two in our products. In this article, we will tell you a little more about how people are affected by light in different situations. More light in general will give us more energy.

Lack of light affects us negatively

During the winter, there is a lack of daylight, especially in northern Europe, which affects us negatively both when it comes to sleep and circadian rhythm. We hope to be able to contribute with a wonderful atmosphere and hopefully a little more energy with our light sources throughout the year. We have a Mooni store and a showroom at Scheelegatan 11 in Stockholm where you can take a closer look at our products.

Blue light gives us more energy

Did you know that blue light makes the brain more active, the light makes us stay alert and get more energy? Blue shortwave light is available in sunlight / daylight in the middle of the day and on our monitors and it affects us a lot. You have probably heard that you should not look at your mobile phone the last thing you do in the evening and that is because the blue light affects your sleep negatively. For best sleep, do not check your mobile phone for up to 60 minutes before going to sleep.

Tip! If, contrary to expectation, you must check your mobile before you go to bed, you can always activate a blue light filter on your mobile.

The plants are also affected by the winter darkness

It is not only humans who are affected by the winter darkness, so do our plants. For the plants to feel better, you do not need special lamps,  fluorescent lights or LED lamps are enough. You can always place a Mooni lamp next to your plant to give it a little extra love.