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Bring your sound and light outdoors  

Bring your sound and light outdoors

Outdoor season is here and it’s time to start fixing in the garden and picking up the outdoor furniture for all the festivities of the summer.

It is important to create a lovely atmosphere in a garden and therefore Mooni’s products fit just as well in an outdoor environment as indoors. They are also splash proof so you can bring it to the pool, to the beach or just out on the terrace.

Mooni is not only an interior detail, all combined lamps and speakers are also very practical. You can create a unique moment by choosing which music you want to listen to and which color you want on the lighting. Once you have chosen, you can take the opportunity to just relax during dinner or in the sun chair and enjoy your company.

We are tired of cords! Therefore, we have a patented wirefree charging plate that can be purchased for our products. Attach it under a table, for example, and place your Mooni on top of the table to charge it. The plate works both outdoors and indoors.

Get inspiration from those who already have a Mooni outdoors and then you can check out all our products to see which one would suit you best.