Create the right atmosphere in your home! Our Ovo Mini Speaker fits into every home and will definitely give you that little extra every day.

In these pictures, the influencer @annelii01 (instagram) placed her Mooni product in the living room which is a good place to be able to use the product in different ways, for example:
– Listen to the radio, music or podcasts when you want to hear the sound in the main part of the house or apartment.
– Cozy backlight while watching TV or having a dinner.
– For occasions when you invite some friends over and having a great time! We can recommend one of our 4 light positions for an extra party atmosphere.

Since all our Mooni products have 9 different colors and 4 different light modes, there is always a color that fits into your home. By using different colors on the light, you can turn your room into a whole new place every day!

Tip: Use Mooni’s wirefree charging plate to easily load the product exactly where it stands.
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